Thursday, December 22, 2011

We have another new book!! The Witching Hour: Vampires

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Our newest book, The Witching Hour: Vampires (TWHV) is a continuation of the first book of The Witching Hour Saga The Witching Hour: ShapeshiftersTWHV is currently in editing and should be available first as a Kindle book on in a couple of weeks.  Then it will become available as a Nook eBook, an iPad eBook and a physical paperback book.

TWHV continues the tale of Jenna Hunt-Stone and Case Reid, with appearances by Jenna's eccentric grandfathers with their wicked senses of humor, who at times appear as a black cat and three black Labrador Retriever puppies in order to covertly watch over Case's mother. 

Synopsis of The Witching Hour: Vampires
High school senior Case Reid has a lot more on his mind than just being a vampire — his mother has become obsessed with trying to be human and has taken up drinking green tea and trying out recipes from the cooking channels on cable.  His girlfriend, her older brother and father, and their entire family on his side are shapeshifters with a warped sense of humor.  A group of imitation vampires have decided that they want him to turn them into the real thing and they’re not willing to take no for an answer.  Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, a vampire from his mother’s past takes his girlfriend hostage.
Now she is being used as a pawn in a desperate attempt to draw Case, and ultimately his mother, out into the open.  In order for Case to save her, he must do something he’s never done before...rely on someone else.   With her family’s help, he discovers that sometimes there are things that you just can’t do alone, and when that happens, you have to swallow your pride and accept what is offered.   

The Witching Hour: Vampires is second in The Witching Hour Saga series.  The third installment, The Witching Hour: Lycans, is due out in April, 2012.

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