Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

One of our next books is a tale of two lovable hounds who just happen to have a ridge on their back.  Sami was a birthday gift for the author's husband several years ago.  She found Sami sitting in the frontyard watching the next door neighbor's house one day -- like any kid, he was waiting for the two doggies next door to come out and play.  Feeling sorry for him, she decided he needed his own playmate.  So, Sami's full sister (same parents, different litter) came to live with them nine months after Sami arrived.  Sami's a lover.  Little did they realize that Maya is able to stand up for herself!  She's sassy and feisty.  When scolded as a puppy, she would snap her jaws as if talking back.  She's calmed down some ... but they're still entertaining as all getout! 

Like any siblings, they fight over toys.  Even when there are two copies of the same toy!  The author feeds her companions regular food -- rice, vegetables, some sort of meat with treats such as pumpkin and eggs thrown in every once in awhile.  It's taken years to convince a series of vets that they are doing better than good on their diet.  The canines are healthy and happy. 

Each has his/her own quirks ... or should we say personalities.  For example, at 100#, Sami thinks he's a lapdog.  He curls up next to you on the sofa and puts his head in your lap.  Maya will sleep as far away from you as she can.  Sami loves toast with breakfast.  He's somewhat lactose intolerant, so the butter he loves isn't on his morning toast!  Maya loves ice cubes.  She tries to bury bones between the cushions of the sofa.

Stay tuned for an entertaining and fun book about these lovable hounds!